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New One Year Bible Discovery Guide™
A proven, easy to follow plan to explore your Bible in 1 year. is proud to offer you a proven, easy to follow plan to explore your Bible in 1 year. With just 15 minutes a day, our new electronic book will enable you to rediscover the Bible.

One Year Bible Discovery Solution™
Take a moment to review our Free Sample Edition. It contains 2 complete lessons from the course. To view this sample you will need the free Adobe Reader.

The full 130 page eBook is a proven tool to guide you through the Bible in an easy-to-follow format. You get one full year, plus a bonus quarter of quality lessons.

Imagine, you too can join the ranks of the few people who have successfully and systematically read the entire Bible.

Just 15 Minutes a Day!
• Read your Bible for 15 minutes.
• Answer a quick question.
• Reflect on your new discoveries.

Bible Discovery Guide
Bonus Material
As an added benefit, the full Hidden Treasures Bible Discovery Solution™ gives you an extra 45 pages of bonus material. In the bonus section, you will find:
• 3 Months of extra lessons on the Life of Christ.
• Parables, Miracles, and Sermons of Jesus on time-saving charts.
• Timeline for the life of Jesus.
• Complete Harmony of the Gospels.

You will also receive an exclusive sneak peek at our unreleased series. We anticipate the first installment of this series will be completed in 2009.

History of Success
While this edition is brand new, the original course was crafted over 8 years ago. Hundreds of people have successfully used this guide to completely read the entire Bible in one year. You are in good company.

Honor System Licensing
We offer 3 licensed editions to meet your needs. Each license grants you additional permission to print more copies from your original PDF.

1. Family Edition: $12.95
The Family Edition gives you a wonderful new way to provide quality time for you and your family.
    Affordably priced, the Family Edition licenses you to print or copy one book for each family member in your home. And, you can be confident that you are providing them with the same quality content found in the Class and Church editions.
    Imagine your family sitting down together to talk about the Bible. Yes, you could even take turns reading together. This innovative course can help you reinvent your own family quality time.

2. Class Edition: $24.95
Are you a teacher? Your adult, college, or teen students will praise you for offering them the Class Edition. The Class Edition licenses you to print or copy up to 35 books for one class. And it’s economical.
    It may surprise you to learn that many people who attend church don’t really know their Bibles, or have difficulty remembering what they read. Now you can show your students how to complete the Bible in just 15 minutes a day, and retain their insights.
    This course is comprehensive and easy to follow. And with one year of quality lessons, plus the bonus quarter on the Life of Christ, you won’t need to scramble for new class materials any time soon.
    Daily questions provide you with class talking points. The Hidden Treasures give you a great opportunity for open discussion. And our exclusive Milestone Recognition Program™ is sure to be a hit.

3. Church Edition: $99.95
Are you a church leader? The Church Edition enables you to offer your members 5 quarters of proven, quality material. The reasonably priced Church Edition licenses you to print or copy up to 1,000 books for your church.
    Give the curriculum to your Bible teachers. Or, insert the convenient one-page lessons into your church program or bulletin.
    Imagine how much your members would grow spiritually if every member completely read the Bible in just one year.

Free Guide
Please review the Free Sample Edition of the Hidden Treasures Bible Discovery Solution™. Print as many additional copies of this document as you wish. Additionally, feel free to email this Free Sample Edition to your friends and family.

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We offer a 100%, no risk money back guarantee. Preview the material for 30 days. If you are dissatisfied, notify us within 30 days after making the purchase to receive a full refund.

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