Week #2 of 13
John prepares the way for Jesus

Monday The ministry of John the Baptist. Satan tempts Jesus.
• Luke 3:1-23
• Luke 4:1-13

Tuesday John's testimony. Three important firsts.
• John 1:19-34
• John 1:35-2:25

Wednesday Nicodemus meets Jesus. John's disciples ask about Jesus.
• John 3:1-21
• John 3:22-36

Thursday Jesus converts Samaritans after John's imprisonment.
• John 4:1-54

Friday Jesus calls 4 fishermen, and heals many in Capernaum.
• Mark 1:14-39

Eyewitness: John the Baptist
John the Baptist was born a few months before Jesus. They were related through their mothers. John had the Holy Spirit while yet unborn (Luke 1:15, 41).
     Isaiah prophesied John's coming 700 years before his birth. John the Baptist was sent to prepare the hearts of the Jews to receive Jesus (Isaiah 40:3).
     John preached and baptized near the Jordan River. His audience included tax collectors, soldiers, religious leaders, and even governing officials.
  Like Jesus, John had disciples. Andrew was first a disciple of John (John 1:35-40).
     Herod Antipas, the governor of Galilee, imprisoned John for speaking against his adulterous marriage. Herod's wife was instrumental in the death of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:1-12).

Did you know?
Capernaum was a fishing village on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus moved there after he was rejected in Nazareth. Jesus performed many miracles and taught in the synagogue at Capernaum. Jesus may have stayed at Peter's house there.

Baptism was originally performed on Gentiles who converted to Judaism.

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